Nyi Ageng Serang Loksem Renovated

Loksem Nyi Ageng Serang Mulai Direhab

Nyi Ageng Serang Temporary location (Loksem), Karet Kuningan, Setiabudi, South Jakarta, will be renovated. While renovation progress which is estimated to take 20 days, all trading activities in loksem will be off.

" Renovation will be done gradually and takes 20 days to finish"

Based on field observation, several employees were placed in the middle of renovating culinary traders' vendors. The building roof which similar to hangar model and tiled floors were dismantled. While the building frame was cleaned with damp cloth.

Cooperatives and Small Medium Enterprises Section Head of Cooperation and Small Medium Enterprises and Trade Sub-dept. of South Jakarta, Sri Agus Kuncoro, said trading activities are off temporarily due to renovation of loksem and no shelter for traders.

"Renovation will be done gradually and takes 20 days to finish. Because there are no shelter for traders thus trading activities will be off a while," he said, Friday (2/17).

Agus added the renovation progress is started on Wednesday (2/15). For the first stage, 2 of 3 buildings of loksem area will be renovated.

He added those three buildings in Nyi Ageng Serang Loksem area all this time accommodating 73 traders. Two building which renovated first can accommodate 33 traders. After done, it will continue to the other building that can accommodate 40 traders.  

"This renovation is done by third party through corporate social responsibility (CSR) program," he closed.