Private Party to Be Involved for Training at the Flat

DKI Gandeng Swasta Adakan Pelatihan di Rusun

Jakarta Manpower and Transmigration Dept. is about to involve private party to give training to the flat residents in the capital.

" This is to create new jobs"

Priyono, Head of Jakarta Manpower and Transmigration Dept. said his side is still exploring several private companies and home industries that will be involved.

"This is to create new jobs," he stated, at City Hall, Friday (2/17).

According to him, training that given will be adjusted to the needs in each of the flats. Thus residents can attend training optimally.

His side also plans to make a mobile training unit (MTU) for accelerating training process.

"It is to encourage them to work without having to leave the flat," he uttered.