Sunter River in Tanjung Priok Has Turned Into Clean

Kali Sunter di Tanjung Priok Berubah Bersih

" The river was previously dirtier than now"

The river normalization program in the capital that intensified by Jakarta Provincial Government has shown a significant impact. A number of rivers that were smell and dirty, have been clean now. It can be seen from Sunter River, Jalan Rd. H. Keneng Mudastir, Sunter Jaya, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta.

Based on, the Sunter River that strewn by household trashes such as plastics, bottles, mattresses and tires already started to clean. The river as wide as eight meters nearby Jubilee School and bordered with Central Jakarta has been free from rotten smell.

Jupri, (25), one of Kebon Kosong citizens, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta admitted the river condition is cleaner than before and pleasing to the eye, especially when street light brighten up the river at night.

"The river was previously dirtier than now. The change is seen when Mr. Ahok serves as Jakarta Governor, I see the significant progress here," he admitted, Thursday (5/26).

According to him, although the water color is black, but it does not spread rotten smell. Every day, dozens of janitors seen routinely clean the trash in the river.

"We send 12-16 janitors to the field every day," he closed.